Former Resident Korea Foundation Fellows

Former Resident Korea Foundation Fellows:

Eun-Young (Jo) CHO (ROK) holds an MA in global theory and history from SAIS Johns Hopkins University. At SAIS, she focused her thesis on the relations between economic reform and security with case studies of Vietnam and North Korea. Eun-Young also holds an MA in political science from Seoul National University, and BA in French language from Kyung Hee University. Her research interests include the US-Korea and US-Japan alliances, US-North Korea negotiation, and the Six Party Talk procedure.

Daekwon SON (ROK) is a PhD candidate in International Relations at Peking University, China, where he received his MA degree. He received his BA in Sociology and International Studies from Korea University in South Korea. His research interests include: Sino-US Relations, nuclear extended deterrence, ballistic missile defense, and nuclear proliferation with a special focus on the East Asian region.