Workshop on Cybersecurity in the Asia-Pacific

Note: Event times are displayed in your local time zone. The workshop took place on April 5, 2017 (Indonesia time), with an opening dinner on April 4.

Participant List
Workshop Report

Session 1: The Regional Cyber Security Environment
This session examines the state of the cyber security environment. What are the chief threats and dangers? How has the regional environment changed since the 2012 CSCAP Report, “Ensuring a Safer Cyber Security Environment”? What new risks have emerged? Are there new opportunities as well? What are the major obstacles to countering these threats?

Mihoko Matsubara
Elina Noor

Session 2: Progress in ASEAN in light of the ASEAN Cybersecurity Ministerial and ASEAN Cyber Strategy
This session will hone in on ARF efforts and their impact on regional cyber security. What progress has been made since the ASEAN Cybersecurity Ministerial and the articulation of the ASEAN Cyber Strategy? What has impeded ASEAN and ARF progress? What is the best role for the ARF in this effort? What other forums or venues have addressed this challenge?

Joe Burton
Wei Kee Tan
Andi Widjajanto

Session 3: CBMs that can help the ARF achieve a safer cybersecurity environment
This session will focus on the recommendations for cooperative measures within the 2015 ARF Cyber Work Plan, and provide updates. What are the most urgent and necessary cyber CBMs that have the potential to help the ARF achieve regional cyber stability? How can the ARF best implement cyber CBMs and continue to make progress in this area? It will also examine other reports, recommendations, and CBMs, such as the 2015 UN GGE report’s recommendations on CBMs and progress on cyber CBMs within the OSCE.

Klée Aiken
Sheila Flynn
Zoe Hawkins
Maria Smekalova
Stefan Soesanto

Session 4: Next Steps for CSCAP and the ARF