US-ROK-Japan Strategic Dialogue

July 23-24, 2014


Wednesday, July 23:

Session 1: The Korea-Japan Security Relationship
What is the state of the Korea-Japan security relationship, and what are US expectations for that relationship within the context of extended deterrence and US strategic objectives?

US presenter: Evans REVERE

Session 2: Trilateralism, Deterrence, and the Korean Peninsula
What is extended deterrence supposed to deter in a Korean Peninsula contingency, and how does it work in such a contingency? How specifically can trilateral cooperation contribute to extended deterrence in a Korean Peninsula contingency? How can/should the three countries cooperate in a Korean Peninsula contingency (this is cooperation generally, not necessarily related to Extended Deterrence)?

US presenter: Brad ROBERTS
ROK presenter: Prof. KIM Tae-hyo
Japan presenter: Shutaro SANO

Thursday, July 24:

Session 3: Assessing the TTX
This session critically examines the outcomes of the TTX, focusing on expectations among all players, especially as identified in Session 2. What divergences among countries were revealed? How did responses differ from expectations? What are the key lessons learned from this exercise?

Session 4: Next Steps
We should be done to close those gaps, to move trilateral cooperation forward, as well as next steps for Pacific Forum and this DTRA process.