Seminar on Strategic Trade Controls in Southeast Asia

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Welcome Remarks

Session 1: Overview of Strategic Trade Control System
This session will provide a general overview of a national strategic trade control system. What are the main objectives of strategic trade controls? What are the core components of an effective strategic trade controls system? Why are national strategic trade control systems important? What are the benefits of implementing strategic trade controls? What is the relationship between trade controls and trade facilitation?

Mohamed Shahabar ABDUL KAREEM

Session 2: National Legislation
This session will address the fundamental legal authorities required for an effective strategic trade control system. What legal principles and concepts must be considered? What are the essential legal authorities that states need for an effective strategic trade control system? Is separate trade control legislation necessary or can these legal authorities be integrated into existing legislation?


Session 3: Licensing
This session will examine issues related to controlling strategic goods through licensing. What factors should be considered in determining what strategic goods must be controlled? What are the core components of a licensing system? How are control lists developed and used in a licensing system? What organizational relationships should be considered in developing a licensing system? Beyond controlling goods, what other considerations are important in implementing a licensing system?


Session 4: Enforcement
This session will focus on enforcement. What are the key legal and regulatory requirements for effective enforcement? What are they key agencies involved in detection and enforcement? What are the essential capabilities and resources necessary for effective enforcement? What are the key challenges? What are the good practices for strategic trade control enforcement?


Session 5: Interagency Coordination
This session will explore the role of inter-agency coordination in strategic trade controls. What is the significance of interagency coordination in strategic trade controls? What are the agencies and processes involved? What are the good practices for inter-agency coordination?

Mi-Yong KIM

Session 6: Industry Outreach
This session will explore the role of government outreach to industry in implementing strategic trade controls. Why is industry outreach important in strategic trade controls? What agencies should take a leading role in industry outreach? What should be provided to the private sector in outreach? What are the good practices for government outreach to industry?

Robert SHAW

Session 7: Internal Compliance Program
This session will focus on internal compliance program. How do internal compliance programs contribute to ensuring effective implementation of a strategic trade control system? What are the essential components for establishing internal compliance program? What are the short-term and long-term benefits of those programs for industry?

Kentaro IDE

Session 8: National Implementation Assessments
This session will focus on strategic trade control implementation assessments. Why is it necessary to conduct assessment of the national strategic trade control implementation? What are the tools for assessment of strategic trade control systems? How can multi-faceted aspects of strategic trade control system be assessed? What are the next steps following the implementation assessment?

Junichi TAKANO

Session 9: The ASEAN Community and STC
This session will explore the role of the ASEAN Community in promoting strategic trade controls in Southeast Asia. Why are strategic trade controls important in achieving the objectives of the AEC? How can strategic trade controls be integrated into processes of realizing the ASEAN Community Vision 2025? What are the obstacles related to strategic trade controls in the context of the AEC? What are the viable options to address those obstacles?

George TAN

Session 10: Wrap-Up, Concluding Remarks, and Next Steps
This session will summarize the meeting’s key findings and reflect on next steps for better adoption and implementation of strategic trade controls by Southeast Asian states.