Sasakawa Peace Foundation 2014 Fellows Conference

March 23-24, 2014, Washington, DC


SUNDAY, March 23

Guided tour of National World War II Memorial
Lunch at Old Ebbitts Grill

General Scott Room, Marriott Courtyard Washington Embassy Row

Session 1: The Symbolism of Remembering

How countries remember their war dead, both uniformed and civilian, is a sensitive issue. Differing national narratives surrounding the symbolism of remembering continues to create bilateral and regional friction. Are Arlington and Yasukuni really any different? If so, how and why?

Session II: Shifting the Asia-Pacific geopolitical narrative

Geography doesn’t change but geopolitics do! The 21st Century Japan-US relationship proves it. What is necessary to shift the current Asia-Pacific geopolitical narrative away from conflict and competition towards peace and cooperation? What are the barriers to doing so? What are the risks of not?

Dinner at Firefly Restaurant

MONDAY, March 24

Pacific Forum, 1st Floor Conference Room

Session I: Shifting Japanese National Security Policy

Tomohiro TANAKA ~ Proactive contribution to peace
Ayako MIE ~ Role of the National Security Council

Session II: Rebalancing the Alliance

Daichi UCHIMURA ~ Refurbishing the Alliance
Andrew TAFFER ~ Maritime Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific
Nanae YAMASHIRO ~ US Military Realignment in Okinawa

Session III: Securing Arms Control

Stephanie KANG ~ Three Principles of Arms Control
Kentaro IDE ~ Industry Cooperation for Export Controls

Luncheon Guest speaker: Kentaro KAIHARA
Counselor, Political Section, Embassy of Japan

Session IV: Non-traditional Security Challenges and Opportunities

LCDR James MORROW ~ Strengthening Law Enforcement with Intelligence Sharing
Aiko SHIMIZU ~ Energy Security Cooperation
Manny MANRIQUEZ ~ TPP: A Strategic Imperative for the US-Japan Alliance

Session V: Health and Nuclear Security

Dr. Jaime YASSIF ~ Global Health Security and Nuclear Security
Jonathan Berkshire MILLER ~ Working Together on Nuclear Security
Dr. Sachi GERBIN ~ Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

Session VI: Wrap Up

Capitol Hill, Rayburn House Office Bldg.

Celebrating the Next-Generation of the US-Japan Alliance Reception
with Congressman Randy Forbes and Congressman Steve Chabot