Japan Foundation Kakehashi Young Leaders Delegation

January 13 - 22, 2014

Kakehashi Delegation

A special delegation of 11 Young Leaders traveled as guests of the Japanese Government to visit institutions and organizations to expand knowledge of Japanese security issues and to promote a deeper understanding of Japan.


Tuesday, January 14:
- Orientation on Japan's National Security Policy, Japanese Economy, Japan's Social Policy
- Visit around Tokyo - Asakusa

Wednesday, January 15:
- Visit to Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- History & Culture at Tokyo National Museum
- Visit around Tokyo - Akihabara

Thursday, January 16:
- Visit to Ministry of Defense
- Japan Center for Conflict Prevention
- National Institute for Defense Studies
- The Japan Institute of International Affairs
- National Institute for Educational Policy Research
- Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO

Friday, January 17:
- Shinkansen from Tokyo to Hiroshima
- Visit to Hiroshima Prefectural Government office
- Visit to Hiroshima City University

Saturday, January 18:
- Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum -- Peace Building and Understanding
- Lecture by atom bomb survivors
- Visit to Kamoizumi Brewery/Workshop

Sunday, January 19:
- Cultural Experience -- Experience making Miyajima-Tray
- World Cultural Heritage visit to Itsukushima Shrine, Senjo-kaku
- Shinkansen from Hiroshima to Tokyo

Monday, January 20:
- Independent Research Day

Tuesday, January 21:
- Visit to Science Technology Institution -- Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
- Visit to Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd., lecture and exchange with young researchers
- Wrap-up session with participants, discussion, and Q&A with scholars

Wednesday, January 22:
- Free day/departure for USA

Kakehashi YLs sightsee and explore on the Island of Miyajima