Interagency Awareness and Cooperation Workshop on Strategic Trade Management in Myanmar

Opening Remarks
Khin Maung Lynn
Ralph Cossa

Session 1: International Perspectives on Proliferation and Illicit Trafficking Networks and the Benefits of Strategic Trade Management
Justin Hastings

Session 2: Introduction and Overview to Strategic Trade Management in ASEAN member States
Todd Perry, Foundations of an Effective Strategic Trade Control System
George Tan, Overview of the Implementation Status of Strategic Trade Controls in ASEAN
Mohamed Shahabar Abdul Kareem, Malaysia’s Experience Implementing Strategic Trade Management

Session 3: Economic Drivers for Strategic Trade Control
George Tan

Session 4: Global Norms for Strategic Trade
Richard Cupitt, The Role of UNSCR 1540
Kevin Uitvlugt, Proliferation Procurement Tactics and the Role of Strategic Trade Controls

Session 5: Control Lists and Implementation Approaches
Lisa Loden, Technical Review of the EU List
Mohamed Shahabar Abdul Kareem, Malaysia’s Decision to Opt for the EU Lists

Session 6: The Role of National Legislation
Richard Cupitt

Session 7: Regulatory Frameworks, Control Lists, and Licensing Procedures
Lisa Loden, Multilateral Regimes Summary
Tom Ciccateri, US Export System Overview

Session 8: Detection and Enforcement
Todd Perry

Session 9: Public-Private Partnerships
George Tan, The Singapore Experience
Mohamed Shahabar Abdul Kareem, The Malaysian Experience

Session 10: Partner Capacity-building and Assistance
Lisa Loden, Export Controls in Relation to the AP
Kevin Uitvlugt, The Role of Technical Experts
Tom Ciccateri, Government Outreach for Compliance

Session 11: Track-1.5 Work on Strategic Trade Controls in the Asia Pacific
David Santoro, CSCAP Memorandum No. 14 – Guidelines for Managing Trade of Strategic Goods
Carl Baker, The CSCAP Dialogue Process on Strategic Trade Controls

Closing Discussion
Ralph Cossa
Khin Maung Lyn