History, Politics, and Security in Northeast Asia: Implications for Peace and Conflict

Note: Event times are displayed in your local time zone. The dialogue took place from September 1-2, 2016 (Maui time).

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Welcome and Keynote

Welcome Remarks: James KELLY
Opening Remarks: KIM Hosup
Keynote Speech: "How and Why History Matters" by HAN Sung-Joo

Friday, September 2, 2016

Session 1: History and Current Implications: Temporal Perspective
Moderator: Ralph COSSA

“Northeast Asian security architecture and historical origins of discord” by CHUN Chaesung
“Uses and misuses of history in current conflicts in Northeast Asia” by Denny ROY

Session 2: Historical Issues and International Relations: Spatial Perspective
Moderator: Ralph COSSA

“Trade-off between history and security: Abe’s strategy” by CHOI Woondo
“Squaring the Circle: Abe's efforts to reconcile his domestic ideological agenda with external sensitivities” by Thomas BERGER

Session 3: History and Future
Moderator: HYUN In-taek

“Future of history: How to avoid the next great war?” by HONG Kyu-Dok
“Is there a pathway toward reconciliation on history issues in Northeast Asia?” by Daniel SNEIDER

Session 4: Current Issues and Northeast Asia
Moderator: HYUN In-taek

“2016 US presidential election and challenges for the Korean and US leadership” by SOHN Byoung-kwon
“Leadership and national identity in Northeast Asia: viability of the comfort women agreement and North Korea's nuclear threat” by Scott SNYDER

Moderator: HYUN In-taek