CSCAP Study Group on Nonproliferation and Disarmament in the Asia-Pacific

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Session 1: Recent Developments in Nonproliferation and Disarmament

This session will focus on recent developments in promoting nonproliferation and disarmament. What is the status of the action plan agreed to at the 2010 NPT Review Conference? What should we expect from the 2015 NPT Review Conference? What is the current focus of the UNSCR 1540 Committee? What is the current status of the Nuclear Security Summit process? What is the current status of the Humanitarian Initiative? What is the current status of the Arms Trade Treaty?

Nikita Perfilyev
Natasha Barnes
Robert Finch

Session 2: Proliferation Financing in the Asia Pacific
This session will focus on proliferation financing. What is it? What mechanisms are available to counter this activity? What is the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) role? How have the FATF International Standards on Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism & Proliferation evolved? What is the relationship between countering proliferation financing and sanctions? What can be done to make them effective?

Stephanie Klein-Ahlbrandt

Session 3: Bio-Threats in the Asia Pacific
This session will examine biosafety and biosecurity in the Asia-Pacific. What are the major bio-threats in the region? What progress has been made in implementing the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC)? What are the other biosafety and biosecurity initiatives? What is being done to ensure proper security at biological research facilities? What steps have been taken to improve disease surveillance in the region? What gaps remain?

Muhammad Qasim
Zalini Yunus

Session 4: The Korean Peninsula and Denuclearization
This session will examine the status of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula. What are the respective parties’ assessments of recent developments? What are the prospects for renewed multilateral discussions over denuclearization? Should the Six-Party Talks be resumed? Are there alternatives? What can be done to improve the negotiating process?

Katsuhisha Furukawa
Chen Kai

Session 5: Nonproliferation Priorities in the Asia Pacific
This session will examine nonproliferation priorities in the Asia-Pacific region. What is the approach toward nonproliferation in the ASEAN Regional Forum Work Plan on Nonproliferation and Disarmament? What priorities are identified in the work plan? How are these priorities determined? What should be the priorities in the short, medium, and longer terms? What can be done to strengthen the current plan? What can be done to better articulate priorities?

Carl Baker
Maria Rost Rublee

Session 6: Nonproliferation Capacity-Building in the Asia Pacific
This session will focus on nonproliferation capacity building in the Asia-Pacific. How are priorities established? What role has UNSCR 1540 played in capacity building? What other initiatives have focused on nonproliferation capacity building? Are these initiatives aligned with ARF work plan priorities?

Robert Finch
Naoko Noro
Karla Mae Pabelina

Session 7: Wrap-Up and Next Steps
This session will summarize the meeting’s discussions and discuss future steps for the Study Group and possible recopmmendations to the ARF.

Ralph Cossa