CSCAP Nuclear Energy Experts Group (NEEG) Meeting

Participant List
Key Findings
Conference Report

Session 1: Nuclear power development in the Asia Pacific
This session will discuss the status of nuclear power development and plans in the Asia Pacific. What are the prospects of nuclear power growth in the Asia Pacific? What is the outlook in Southeast Asia? What is the significance of Vietnam’s recent decision to scrap its nuclear power project? Which new technologies have the greatest potential for making nuclear energy more easily accessible to newcomers?
Anthony Wetherall
Julius Trajano
Session 2: Nuclear governance in the Asia Pacific
This session will explore options for nuclear governance in the Asia Pacific. How can nuclear governance be improved in the region? What role can INFCIRC/869 play in implementing international commitments? Is there value in establishing a new “connect framework” to enhance cooperation and information-sharing? Could the ASEAN Network of Regulatory Bodies on Atomic Energy fulfill that role? What would this entail? What roles should the nuclear security centers of excellence play?
Manpreet Sethi
Yutthana Tumnoi
Session 3: Physical protection of nuclear facilities
This session will explore ways to ensure and strengthen the physical protection of nuclear facilities. What are the international standards for the physical protection of nuclear material and facilities? How are these rules and norms implemented in the Asia Pacific? What are the challenges? What role does nuclear security culture play in enhancing physical protection standards?
Jorshan Choi
Douglas Osborn
Session 4: Cyber nuclear security threats
This session will examine cyber nuclear security threats and ways to address them. What are the cyber threats to nuclear facilities? What is the current approach to address them? Looking to the future, what should be the priorities for governments and industry to counter these threats? What is the outlook in the Asia Pacific?
Page Stoutland
Session 5: Radioactive sources management
This session will look at ways to manage radioactive sources in a safe and secure manner. What are the institutional/legal measures at the national, regional, and international levels? How much have Asian countries signed up to or fulfilled them? Are these measures sufficient? How are disused sources managed in the Asia Pacific? What are the alternatives to radioactive sources?
Miles Pomper
Zhu Xuhui
Wen-Chuan Chen
Session 6: Public opinion and education and training
This session will explore the role of public opinion as well as education and training on nuclear power and nuclear accident/incident response. What communication strategies are most effective to deal with public doubts and fears about nuclear power and nuclear and radioactive waste? What messages should be conveyed? Who should convey these messages? What is the role of education and training? What forms should they take?
Emily Larson
Bum-Jin Chung
Wrap-Up and Next Steps
This session will summarize the meeting’s key findings and reflect on next steps to enhance nuclear safety and security governance in Asia.