5th Myanmar-U.S. Nonproliferation Dialogue

Note: Event times are displayed in your local time zone. The dialogue took place on November 30 - December 1, 2017 (Nay Pyi Taw time).

Conference Report

Session 1: Future directions for the relationship between Myanmar and the West and the role of implementing nonproliferation measures
This session will focus on Myanmar’s relations with the West and specifically the United States. How have Myanmar and the US changed since our last dialogue? How have perceptions about the relationship changed? What are the priorities for further development of the relationship? Where does nonproliferation fit in the relationship and what aspects of nonproliferation should be prioritized?

Khin Maung Lynn
Ralph Cossa

Session 2: Implementing nuclear nonproliferation
This session will examine the status of Myanmar’s accession to and implementation of nuclear-related treaties and conventions. What progress has Myanmar made toward implementing the Additional Protocol and modified Small Quantities Protocol? What needs to be done to implement them and what is Myanmar’s timeline for completing implementation? What are the next steps for implementing the recently ratified Amended Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and the Convention on Nuclear Safety? What agencies can provide assistance in implementing these regimes and is external assistance needed?

Matthew Cottee
Khin Maung Latt

Session 3: Implementing the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions
This session will examine implementation of the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions in Myanmar. What are the key components of the implementation process for each treaty? What are the major challenges in implementing these conventions? What assistance is available to help implement these conventions?

Amanda Moodie
Thar Htat Kyaw

Session 4: Implementing Strategic Trade Controls in Myanmar
This session will discuss implementation of a national strategic trade control program in Myanmar. Why is a national strategic trade control program needed? Has Myanmar satisfied the requirements of UNSCR 1540 to control export/import and other transfer of nuclear weapon, chemical weapon, biological weapon, and related materials? What is the status of Myanmar’s legal and regulatory framework governing the management of strategic goods? What control lists are being used? What agencies in Myanmar are involved in developing and managing its STC program? What assistance does Myanmar need to improve its STC program? What assistance is available for implementing a more robust STC program in Myanmar?

Ryan Cathie
Khin Mya Mya Htway

Session 5: Implementing UN sanctions resolutions
This session will focus on UN sanctions implementation. What is the role of these resolutions? What are they trying to achieve? What are the implementation requirements of the recent UN Security Council Resolution 2371? What are the priorities for implementing these resolutions? What assistance is available to implement them? What agencies in Myanmar are involved in implementing UNSC sanctions resolutions?

Stephen Osborne

Session 6: Enhancing Myanmar’s role in ASEAN’s nonproliferation networks
This session will explore ways to enhance Myanmar’s role in ASEAN nonproliferation networks. What is Myanmar’s current involvement in promoting nonproliferation initiatives in ASEAN? How can Myanmar take advantage of, ASEAN’s nonproliferation institutions, notably the Bangkok Treaty and ASEANTOM? How can Myanmar develop or enhance its involvement with other initiatives, such as the Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia or the Asia-Pacific Safeguards Network?

Nay Yan Oo

Session 7: Wrap-up and next steps