3rd Nuclear Energy Experts Group Meeting (NEEG)

Bangkok, Thailand, October 2014

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Meeting Agenda:

Session 1: Nuclear Governance
This session will look at the state of play of the nuclear safety and security regimes. What are the objectives of these regimes? What have they achieved? What are their gaps and limitations? What are the priorities to strengthen them, especially in the Asia-Pacific region? [Discussions about the Nuclear Security Summit process should be withheld until Session 2.]

Moderator: Carl Baker
Speakers: Manpreet Sethi, Sabar Bin Md Hashim

Session 2: Role of the Nuclear Security Summit Process
This session will focus on the role of the Nuclear Security Summit process. How much progress has it made since it was initiated in 2010, especially in the Asia-Pacific region? Specifically, what has the 2014 Summit achieved? What are the priorities between now and the next Summit in 2016? What are the options after the 2016 Summit? What are the implications for the Asia-Pacific region?

Moderator: Sharon Squassoni
Speakers: Chang-Hoon Shin, Andrew Stuchber

Session 3: Gaps and Limitations in Nuclear Governance
This session will examine the gaps and limitations that exist to prevent, detect, and respond to nuclear accidents and incidents. What are the gaps in relation to nuclear facility management, transport of nuclear materials, and information management? Are there other gaps?

Moderator: Min Lee
Speakers: Jorshan Choi, Suharyanta Suharyanta

Session 4: Technical Approaches to Improving Management of Civilian Nuclear Activities
This session will explore the technical approaches to improving management of civilian nuclear activities. What is the range of technical choices available to better manage the front and back ends of the nuclear fuel cycle? How can R&D trends be reconciled with international nuclear safety and security standards? What is the best way to manage fuel supply and radioactive source materials?

Moderator: Andrew Stuchbery
Speakers: Atsuyuki Suzuki, Teofilo Leonin, Robert Finch

Session 5: Regional Approaches to Improving Nuclear Safety and Security Governance
This session will examine regional approaches to improving nuclear governance in the Asia-Pacific region. What are the roles for multilateral cooperation? What roles can the ASEAN Regional Forum play? The ASEAN Network of Regulatory Bodies on Atomic Energy? What role should the established and emerging nuclear security centers of excellence play?

Moderator: Carl Baker
Speakers: Jamal Khaer Ibrahim, Sharon Squassoni, Andrew Newman

Session 6: Wrap-Up and Recommendations
This session will summarize the meeting’s key findings and make policy recommendations. What is the way forward for nuclear governance? Specifically, what should it look like in the Asia-Pacific region? What can the region achieve by the next Nuclear Security Summit in 2016 and beyond? What should be the priorities?

Moderator: Carl Baker
Speaker: Anton Khlopkov

Site Visit – Thai Research Reactor-1/Modification 1 (TRR-1/M1)