2016 US-ROK-Japan Trilateral Strategic Dialogue

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Opening Trilateral Dinner

Monday, August 29, 2016

Introductory Remarks

Session 1: Assessing North Korea
How does each country assess prospects for the DPRK over the next five years? How will sanctions impact economic developments and regime prospects? How will the Pyongyang government respond? How will its military and nuclear modernization efforts proceed and how will they influence North Korean behavior and its position in Northeast Asia?

ROK presenter: Beomchul SHIN
US presenter: Victor CHA
Japan presenter: Hiroyasu AKUTSU

Session 2: North Korea’s Nuclear Intentions
A US presenter will outline Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program, focusing on how the DPRK intends to develop and use its nuclear arsenal. How will it signal with its nuclear capabilities? Who are its primary “targets” of that signaling? What is North Korea’s “theory of victory”? How should the US, the ROK, and Japan respond?

US presenter: Shane SMITH

Tabletop Exercise
Groups get exercise, prepare answers to questions.

Round One Assessment
Plenary reconvenes to provide answers to questions and how each group reached those conclusions. After each presentation, the group is questioned by others on process and outcome. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Round two begins

Round two assessment

Session 3: Assessing the TTX
This session critically examines the outcomes of the TTX, focusing on expectations among all players, especially as identified in Session 2. What divergences among countries were revealed? How did responses differ from expectations? What are the key lessons learned from this exercise? What differences are there between this year’s TTX and last year’s?

Session 4: Next Steps
What should be done to close those gaps, to move trilateral cooperation forward, as well as next steps for Pacific Forum and this DTRA process.