19th Japan-US Security Seminar

San Francisco, March 2013

The Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) and the Pacific Forum were pleased and honored to again co-host the 19th annual Japan-US Security Seminar on March 15-16, 2013. Our chief task this year was properly assessing the regional security environment as North Korea ramped up its provocative behavior and bellicose rhetoric and China increasingly asserted itself in regional affairs, regardless of the unease that those actions created among neighbors and other concerned parties. We struggled to understand the motivations of those governments and others; without a proper appreciation of their thinking, it will be difficult if not impossible to fashion policies that will safeguard regional peace and security.

To read the Keynote Address, please see: Moving Forward Together: The Future of the US-Japan Alliance by J. Thomas Schieffer


Friday, March 15

Session I: Security Perspectives
Japan Presenter: Yukio Okamoto
US Presenter: Gordon Flake

Saturday, March 16

Session II: Understanding China
US Presenter: Brad Glosserman
Japan Presenter: Akio Takahara

Session III: Domestic Politics
Japan Presenter: Toshihiro Nakayama
US Presenter: Torkel Patterson

Session IV: The Return of Geoeconomics
US Presenter: Charles Morrison
Japan Presenter: Yoshiji Nogami

Session V: National Security Policies and Strategic Cooperation
Japan Presenter: Takashi Kawakami
US Presenter: Evans Revere

Session VI: Wrap up and conclusions